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 Tuition at Greensburg Central Catholic

​Greensburg Central Catholic Junior-Senior High School announced its tuition for the 2016-17 school year.

Students enrolled in the Senior High School who are active members of a Catholic parish, regardless of need, will receive $1,200 in tuition aid due to the generosity and support of all local Catholic parishes and the Diocese of Greensburg.

High School tuition is as follows:

​Child​Equation​Tuition Total
​First Child$9,150 - $1,200​ =​$7,950
​Second Child​$9,150 - $1,200 - $500 =​$7,450
​Third Child​$9,150 -$1,200 - $1,000 =​$6,950
​Fourth Child​$9,150 - $1,200 - $1,500 =​$6,450
​Catholics outside of the Diocese (including Byzantine)​$9,150 - $1,200 =​$7,950
​Students from other faiths (per child)​$9,150​$9,150


Junior High tuition is as follows:

​Child​Equation​Tuition Total
​First Child​$5,150​$5,150
​Second Child​$5,150 - $300 =​$4,850
​Third Child​$5,150 - $600 =​$4,550
​Catholics outside of the Diocese (including Byzantine)​$5,150​$5,150
​Students from other faiths (per child)​$5,150​$5,150


Every student in the school will be assessed a technology fee. The fees are as follows:

​Senior High​$350
​Junior High​$350


Families who wish to receive financial aid for the 2016-17 school year must apply for it through FACTS. If you apply to FACTS by April 15, and your student attends the school this year, the FACTS application fee of $30 will be deducted from your child's tuition. You can apply online at Please contact Tracy Otto, business manager, at 724-834-0310, ext. 204, if you have any questions.